WeightMax Calcium (1KG-20KG)
WeightMax Calcium (1KG-20KG)
WeightMax Calcium (1KG-20KG)
WeightMax Complete Program Guide pamphlet
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WeightMax Calcium (1KG-20KG)


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WeightMax Calcium is designed to solve curling, yellowing leaves, brown spots on leaves, and prevent death of terminal buds. Keep your plants green and get BIG BUDS. 

WeightMax Calcium can be used throughout the production cycle of your plants. 

For soil, keep the pH in the 6.2 to 7.0 pH range for best absorption of Calcium. 
For hydro, keep the pH in the 6.2 to 6.5 pH range for best absorption of Calcium.  

ALL WeightMax products come with a Complete Program sheet with directions for use. Start from week 1 growing all the way to Harvest. 


Week 3 to 10, Solve yellow, curling leaves.  

WEEK 1.  Feed 1 - 2 times WIEGHTMAX BOOST to provide a good initial boost to the roots. 

WEEK 2 - 3.  Vegetative growth. Lighting generally 18 - 24 hours. Feed WEIGHTMAX GROW on constant feeding schedule. ROTATION with WEIGHTMAX CALCIUM every second feeding is recommended. 

WEEK 4. Bud Set. Lighting should be switched to 12 hours on, and 12 hours dark. In order to help the plants set buds, feed once or twice with WEIGHTMAX BOOST.  Continue ROTATION with WEIGHTMAX CALCIUM. 

WEEK 5 - 10.  Lighting should continue at 12 hours on , and 12 hours dark. Begin continuous feeding with WEIGHTMAX BLOOM encourage full bud set and enhance bud filling. Continue ROTATION with WEIGHTMAX CALCIUM AS NEEDED. 

WEEK 11 - 14. FINISHING.  Use WEIGHTMAX FINISHER will help plant finishing. Benefit the plants in their reproductive stage through to finishing.  Switch to clear water 14 days before harvest. 

Week 1 - 12. WEIGHTMAX CaMg can be used throughout the production cycle. Formulation in a 2:1 ratio avoids the risk of interfering with bud formation, setting and sizing. Solves plants issues. Use 1 - 2 times per week. Mixed in a separate tank. 

Start with a well aerated and porous soil with a PH between 6 - 6.2 and an EC between 1 - 1.5 mmhos/cm. Routine monitoring of the PH and EC is highly recommended. Adjustments to fertilizer rates will be based on plant age, growth phase, water test analysis, temperature, humidity, PH/EC monitoring, and other factors. 

HT Ballast Gardening Wholesale is an official distributor of WeightMax products licensed by KY Home & Garden.